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There are a total of 156 cycles, each cycle has a TAX amount on buy/sell and send TXs. The TAX starts at 2% and scales to 8% per cycle. The fee gradually increases as 1.275M tokens are burnt. Cycle comes to an end when we reach total 1.275M tokens burnt, 50% of the burn amount is distributed to holders, and 50% goes to permanent burn. Each new cycle starts at 2% tax.








How It Works

By holding ThunderBolt "$BOLT" token through deflationary cycles, there will be a dramatic increment in holdings and value, rewarding early adopters the most value.The cycle life depends on volume of buy/sell and send transactions. In the early stages, we will go through cycles rapidly. The more cycles ThunderBolt finishes, the more volume it will take to finish new cycles. For ThunderBolt Holders this implies that early reception and holding gets compensated exceptionally, as ThunderBolt Rebases continue compounding and Total Supply continues to get diminished. The entirety of this is done to guarantee a drawn out store of significant worth which will be coordinated into the DeFi system. There will be a dashboard with detailed statistics available to view live cycle stats, we will also have a bot on telegram broadcasting live stats.

Dashboard is Coming Soon

Soon we are going to launch ThunderBolt Dashboard where you will be able to track all the necessary information about your token. Stay tuned!

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